Friday, August 3

Smoke Eye Is Right

Everyone yelling at H Sanders sulky face to admit she agrees with her boss man if the mainstream Press is enemy of the people is like Monty Python true life. I am no "supporter" but as a trained journalist I kindly offer in this case 45 is correct. Fourth Estate Journalism died long ago with affiliates and mergers.

Literally, Syndicates.

Media is owned (thus edited by) by multi-national Corporate interests who directly lobby and contribute millions to politicians while you Joe Citizen can't, and only consume what they give you in 30-second bytes and carefully worded headlines.

These are the same people who invented "small print" and fast talk on radio ads to comply with Law to protect you.

Advertising is NOT Journalism. Editors are bosses. If Media is not in your interest, then whose is a question, and if trying to control you the consumer is standard procedure, that's no friend.

No conspiracy is needed BTW. It's called Editorial Board and Shareholder.