Saturday, July 1

Cancerous Judge Uses Cannabis Oil

He made a statement in hearings explaining he locked up folks for it and felt terrible. Then he got terminal cancer and his wife researched the Internet. Found out the patents and secrets.

Now why would any government of a free people spend 70 yrs supressing scientific medical research that shows a simple, easily available, free plant you can grow next to your tomato garden can cure and help many terrible medical ailments?


Now connect this to your "healthcare" 'debate' overall.

Again, riiiiiight.

Both cases you are fucked: police come to your back yard destroy your whole garden, break your shot and violently arrest you...the other countless cold steel tables and antiseptic tissue paper thrones sit waiting for no one common bottom.

In other words... Dangerous you, hillbilly rub. OK on our own y'alls! And that's the problemo there.