Monday, April 10

Do It for the Kids

Like black ops prisons on foreign soils such as Gitmo, so we can break rules, there are also black ops weapons factories on other soils too. So we can play fools (i.e. arm "moderate" rebels, aka pay mercenaries to kill civilians and make refugees to force regime change).

One of these was in Idlib, a known stronghold for foreign terrorist extremism in Syria that Assad and Russia were trying - and succeeding - to rid the country of. We gave many of these caravans safe passage to Iraq, in fact. Turns out the site Assad bombed was used to manufacture CW destined for Iraq -- and the Assad government had no idea -- they thought it was just munitions.

You can bet we did though.

We even knew that Assad was going to bomb that site DAYS AHEAD according to the de-escalation agreement with Russia. When the chemical smoke cleared and kids were dead, it became a different story according to us and the West suddenly, pretending Assad dropped chemical killer bombs on his people not regular bombs on a depot we provided to foreign mercenaries.