Friday, July 8

Just Revolting

Welcome to Germany circa '33.
Maybe we can get our money back?
The world is Fed.

0. America
1. Russia
2. Germany
3. America

Revolution in a loop.
faster now, tender frogs!
Oh bless this polarity
for all have surely flipped.

Aristocracy remains mapped blue
as everywhere oceans run in red
The blood of innocents
cast to every -el.

Proper gander, by Jove!
Terror is a state.

It always begins
with the race cleaver,
spreads to fraternity sworn to protect.
The people hack their own protectors
in the wild streets.
Turn over guns and bullets heaped.
Goons swoop in, hang meats.

Hegel the angel angel horned,
the firebird rises. God is scorned.
The last revolution was Industrial.

This one will be Media and meme.