Sunday, August 30

The Dawkins of Doings, You Are

Of course.

Words are judo weapons. The people conspiring tell you there's a looney about who sees them conspiring. Hilarious!

It always has joke in it. Like "theorist." Uh, no they're pretty much right there! Ha ha ha ha! And manifesto. Like a sculptor of personal belief into manual.

What does conspiracy really mean, though?

It means a group of players taking part in a plan they keep hidden. Usually for nefarious gain at the expense of others who pay -financial, political or war.

Well, people are indeed meeting in secret to discuss governmental affairs; this happens every day - closed session it's called. Kept from public. FISA is a big one that ok's your data sniffed up by... well, the secret agency of course.

Black as in you can't see me Ops.

So then, that's no theory at all. There's really some conspiring going on every day, and you just get to do it in a Chistmas carol by the Carpenters!

As you dream by the fire.

Maybe with some tinfoil even, the popcorn just busting out on top all over.