Saturday, May 30

You Say Canary I Call Canard

Watch your wordies! Hey, you look like you swallowed a canary. ;-)

A quick note on dark magic. Hexes, if you Will.

There's a slander website out there now I truly hope Anonymous finds interesting in its level of danger to public discourse. It too wears a mask called Canary Mission.

This website has been created to chill the conversation on certain topics... like Chavez and grapes and Palestine, to muddy up those clean college smartypants and perfessors and student senate leaders daring to call for justice in the Yiddle Meast.

In Mexico they just kill them and bury them by the bus. But this is 'Murica. Not just yet.

This donate dot org, covert in ownership because it breaks the law, goes all PI and remotely investigates innocent students and academics .... even whole legitimate 501 C3s... and defines them as radical, and shows public "files" on people in them. Links to their Facebook and LinkedIn... phone numbers.

It encourages reporting "radical"  neighbors. 

Where have we seen that? Right outta Warsaw, man! Gestapo gang plays rough 2015. So the dullards don't start to listen and speak up, and go grab pitchforks instead.

You see in 1984 talk, protesting and a call to fellow citizens for a rally to justice and peace becomes:

"they promote disruption of free speech."

Yeah, yours with no dime!! This is modern magic. A trick on you with "presto" or Amen - so, so easy. All you do to enemy is say YOUR crime at them. Like a bratty older brother young. So 50's Red! Older than bolder ol' McCarthy... witches with a dark mirror.

A sigil called a star.

Desert peoples and whole noncountries at once an enemy the herd just with hyphen and prefixed opposition put in.

Such potion in no word.


And you fall for it each and every dime.

Friday, May 15

The Independent Man on Top of the Dome

So proudly I hail not from Yale but chemtrail.

Go Rhody. My Chicken Little hometown sky!


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