Sunday, January 18

Fight ISIS More in Moderation (and Assad too)

US sending in boots galore to various installations just outside the region to teach the Syrian anti-government insurgents we like best of two.

And they fight ISIS too. Nice trick there... a deployment all around it but not actually inside the war-stricken Syria we now aim to take down.

Rinse. Repeat.  New Batch. Faster.

I want to see this "training" like is it a Powerpoint on black masks? Coaching with guns? Shooting differently?  Maybe train just means supply. 400 teachers for how many "students" ... we cant get that teacher ratio in the States but we sure will pay for carnage instead of core!

More importantly and maybe less so for the McCain photobomb incident we forgot, a rebel cannot be middle of the road. A rebel as noun came from the verb that means 'go totally the other way.' No mamby pampy variety of uprising.

It is or isn't. Apparently we do have a dog in this fight and his name is Meh.

What I'm all fired up about is how people don't care if words match meaning any more... a vital essence of derivation now wanes and media word association is a substance lighter than Marshmallow fluff. It is the dying of an Age oddly called Information.

Osama/Usuma ISIS ISIL here comes the surrogate again with ol' switcheroo meaning same two. The powers that be are accelerating the test of Dictionary for faith in TV and Smartphone and telling you madmen are killing for God.

Or at least a bad cartoon of him.

WW3 has been in process all along. Instead of declaring war on a place we consult "leaders" of Congress to call it a war on just the strawberries growing there, not the country but its villages. You get the drift. At the same time we intervene during a civil war there, our terrorist toy planes bomb with no care for law or jurisdiction within this nation's borders (a criminal act) but simply calling the stuff we blow up in Syria "Isis" targets.

Yeah... on Syrian stucco buildings built in the 70s!

Wars in this Age are waged on ideology and things, not other nations. Yet - we have no trouble bombing war torn Syria and not the other places hosting the same type of proxy mercernary murderous division.

We are interfering with another country's internal affairs without legal authority (or clear motive). Nor ever declaring War but sure as hell meaning it by bombing it weekly. That is an unprecedented act of war and outright invasion.  That is Nazi invaders calling themselves leaders of coalitions of freedom. And they thought that, right.

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see it, which Nazis also happened to be. So glad I finally truly appreciate understand this old phrase.

By definition or prefix, the moderate end of extremist factions in Syria we now support again are still anti-government armed terrorists hoping to usurp a sovereign nation's own Army. And we got the Plan! Just like Iran!

Why? What is the real behind all this Hollywood?

Three or four holdouts still irritate cabal. That's why. And no matter the Allah, Muslims do not see Usury. No interest? Then proxy by proxy we'll Bolshevik you away and call true genocide Revolution. Because it rolls around Red again every time.

Something seems to be holding Syria safe after every false flag urgency they've tried, but not even wholesale slaughter made to look his own gets that SOB President suitypants of theirs thinking new checking account at Rothchild Savings & Groan anytime soon. The income must flow. Only north Korea and Iran left out there after Syria sets an office up the moment they go down.

We sanctioned N Korea, attacked them in their words,  to punish them for a lousy theory, a ghost tale to quick revenue, for a farceThisproxy proof Nigeria did better, against a non governmental private company. Foreign at that. Excuses to attack always end up unfounded, so how do so many still shout USA USA Boston Strong Je Suis half a magazine name?

And the last piece. Better than photo shopping out Ladygermans in the way for free speech, sometimes anyway. The minute the story broke on gunman getaway gone passport...  a market so kosher it just screamed "pave the way to Palestine" French bread, since you seem to recognize it so much. Here comes the people for the Hill to overlook all new Temple capital.

European emigration II to desert hideaway bordered temporarily one State in two times history but expanding still, and yes Aussies very much occupied by the ones who came from Europe last time on a "right to return" twisted as lawyerly cunning as the trademark  anti-the thing I am not hurled to world as a racist charge to freeze open debate or criticism large.

Not Chaos. Control has lost any point of reference now for each new blunder to distract us only makes our little Toto pull away the curtain harder. Plot unfolds now rapidly, ready certain graves, for in the air so evidently clear the fear the Plan won't work is there. This book of History only ever had one true story underneath.

The one before that, many many books about a single Tribe.