Tuesday, January 21

The Human Race is OVER


Please watch - it will take some time but sit through it and listen this time. This is a brilliantly edited social media mashup - not a film. All the ingredients came from this Tube called You. Humanity. Mankind. Brothers and Sisters. My fellow Americans.. .

Theory of evolution, String, Big Bang - whatever. Relativity. All MAYBE this or that. The one FACT now you need to admit is you are OWNED PROPERTY of some other. It was always America's destiny. The Tricky Big G egolatry. Redcoats that ran away, the polar Patriot who gives guns away hooked on Sandy by the shore, all to balance the big sun FLIPPED. All brought to you from yiddles Meast, the Masters of Revolt and Colony and beekeeper Lodge. Pretty easy to see when the writing's on the wall. Or at least in a pyramid.

Surely Temple.

As Underworlds the voyage starts, the rafts line up, two lines Mummies dearest form along the shore. Designation by the Catalyst Event of WTC Falls, to harden up in Reason quick a Prehistoric bug forever fixed not so Amber as in waves of Grain, but as in museum under glass and never toured. So here it is. Where heads your boat next. On that day THIRTEEN YEARS BACK, the one a fraction never solved, the one when gained some ground the Zero and instead Towers fell rain, destinations now disguised as satellite radio are revealed in how you likely felt either one of these two ways:
1) You knew what you were watching was not REAL. Ground Zero, ground cattle.

2) You bought a balloon at the parade. One those evil bastards want to POP but you knew you'd lose.

And everything since just flows from there. Change it.

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