Monday, January 21

The Many Revolutions of Earth

Yes is better than Know! Projection and TV fit together like corner puzzle pieces when looking at the frame of human existence. All language is programming; media is Operating System. I didn't see the EULA, but to this Earth I seem bound by Agreement.

Postmodernism, surrealism, DaDa - call it what you may, say what you meme, but do realize all of that artistic coalescence was our true last hope in understanding what is at the Door right now. People prefer the McDonald's on the other side than to think about anything at all. They would rather consume All rather than digest a single byte of Knowledge, to seek a constant Paradise rather than find Heaven's true calling.   

I took up media studies and Semiotics while studying Journalism in college. And, I curse that fact each and every day I slog away on the TV set of In Living Color. If you know anything of the history that is kept from you by things like, say the History Channel, or The Learning Channel, or your required textbook for a syllabus. you'll find it difficult at best and infinitely disturbing to your soul at worse that such inhuman monsters can get away with mass murder to complete rituals systematic sacrifice of innocents through military force, and untold audacity of superhuman supremacy.

In 2006, Israel's largest (maybe the world's largest) satellite TV operator, YES TV,  launched a series of commercials to introduce their new slogan and facelift for the former media giant it was now replacing. The slogan is "TV Larger than Life." The premise is victims of warfare and their perpetrators of horrific world events are depicted as now happily entertained actors in large musical numbers. Here's one:


Round about 1917 in revolutionary Russia, there soon emerged endless rivers of innocent blood in the streets. For instance, much like in Syria today. Endless killing of civilians. The people had won a Revolution! Their provisional government, though, was unsustainable and wolves and vultures came out of the dark to prey in the guise of terrorist death squads. First, the Bolsheviks gained control of parties and dismissed loyal Palace protectors, and upon Scorpio rising, murdered in cold blood the Tsar and his entire family. What followed was a million Holocausts big complete with forced labor camps to liquidate the classes in military precision. Over 100 million innocent common-folk slaughtered in factories and farms. Terrible, unspeakable things. Rituals to unknown gods. Inhuman, savage cruelty from mocking invaders with dark hearts of Magic paying homage to a Black Box from the stars, a supernatural entity Kubrick decided was best depicted as a big dotless domino.

Some link the Bolsheviks to modern day Freemasons and Zionists. Even further, some say Khazar. There's lots out there on the subject to study if you're interested in that sort of thing. Many events throughout history, nonetheless, have had had very similar elements of common control - a formula if you will -  of influence by exterior forces posing as domestic groups exerting financial manipulation, popular uprising, bloody revolution, savage terrorism in the streets, and ultimately ruthless totalitarianism exercised by a communist philosophy bent on world domination.

They conquer by starting first a Revolution. They arm the opposition. Their mercenaries pose as the armed forces roving about... beating, torturing, raping, and murdering the citizens of their target enemy state, not its army. They leave that to the foolish public, who believe the Opposition when they say the government did it. Soon for sake of revenge angry mobs rip at each other and any new authorities limb from limb in public protests and Civil war that are just blood-fests and sacrifice for a very old god.

It's happening now in Syria under the old formula.

It happened here already under a new one. We had a Revolution if you remember. Then a Civil War. Then Paul Revere whose name was McCarthy. And now we are here. Order or not, it's a New World out there. Better hurry and pay up for your package.

If you couldn't make out the lyrics of what you saw, read on if you dare:

(Tsar's messenger gallops across desolate ruins of Mother Russia with a tattered Old Red flag and then through the unguarded halls of power to warn the ruling family of the approaching doom. Reaching his ear:)

The Revolution has started!

(angry mob at Palace door)

Prepare my Friends!
We're happy to see you!

(The mob, encircling them now, guns aimed at their chests and ready to open fire)

Please Raise your Hands!
The action is starting
No time to spare

(Bolshevik leader to all)

It's going to be so Horror Show
Great TV series
Amazing show
Some Desperate Housewives
So travels too
The next Revolution
It's all for you


Yes! It's Revolution!
Reality drama with every tone
It's TV Revolution


We're in control


We have it all!

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