Saturday, July 7

The Pink Heliophant in the Room

Validated. Mystified, still. Blown AWAY!

As in where once the head, banana peel red.
All I can say is watch, no ... wait, witness  -- the Magick key herein.
Alice even shows.
Silly rabbit, tricks are for kids! (small goats).
Serial, indeed.

If you know even the most rudimentary comparative religion, please absorb. AWE with me that this masterpiece is of Hollywood made and not some ghost of Kubrick-come. Do not think the the Holy Dancer is either Jesus, anti or the other One. The Logos came not first but exists there and always, Now an end to the Word flows ever faster in. It is Time.

RNC Florida, or London Hula Hoop, where doth sink the pole of flags flied Flag? God's a speck! They just found out, for Heaven's Sake, we should have All figured In! The soldier and the humpback. Thoths on Books on tape, indeed.

Anyway - watch this a few more times, at least to let the Waters in. Soak. Know eye sure Will. Have to, feel compelled -- as chasm calls from high on hill. There are all kinds of interpretation Out There, bit I'd begin with these four to help you along the Path, as it were:

So, welcome Rosetta! Stone, a tablet yes, no etched are any words though, for Kingdom, it has Come! Now, only to close the Book of Ten. LanguaGe LIVES, and dead the Word! On this day Saturnine, no little bird, but yes a BEE  - a bee that came to me, and it stung, something birds could never do when simply sung.

Ha! And you try to tell me murals on Bigbank Walls and those too adorning airport Halls are merely all of Farmer Joe. If you are so illumed, then surely must see, your Speck - your Boson to dis-CERN, must now be known to all the Darker Ones.