Saturday, May 29

Tyrantasaurus Rex (Poof the Magick Dragon)

The GEICO little guy proves it all in my eyes. Because they make him so small in a big way. But let me throw this at you. What if it were really true what's taught to some Christian children today -- that dinosaurs are around with Jesus jockeys?

A bit further - we ARE the dinosaurs. Very huge docile beings with godlike powers. Our little "Tyrantasaurus" Rex arms shrunk to run the PDAs creating our reality. The awful totalitarian Marketing-Consumer regime has us rounded up, hypnotized, into thinking we're humans. All of it a hoax. Right outside the stockyard gates of our concentration camps, scaly brethren stand tall and ready for a Savior to ride them in and set us all free.

I mean -- look at the "news." Think about how this bleeding oil (fuel from our guts and bones) disaster thing consumes your attention (most of in unconscious) into not seeing the big beast you really are. The metaphor is huge. Your old carcass gets sucked up like a straw at the "pump,'" where you dish out about three bucks a gallon to run your "car" just to move along the ground.

All of this -- a grand illusion. Because dragons can FLY.