Monday, September 21

Rigged and Ready to Set Sale: A College for Waging War

In Rhode Island there is an actual school, a higher institution of learning if you will, all about advancing the military cause in ways beyond spears and cannons - but through minds and supposedly waterways. Really it's a little high technology, mass psychology and applied sociology.

Coming out of institutions like this are slide presentations that would make Noam Chomksy shudder in his academic lounge just to the north up at MIT. In relation to 911 furthering war efforts, he would what the media have done with 911 'manufactured consent,' but it's just "plane" magic to me.

New war requires mass deception - and that's magic at best. Now it's pretty obvious to unsheep that we witnessed the greatest show on earth on September 11, 2001, with far too many terribly real trapeze deaths to make it sink in, I'm afraid. What this video does, though, is not blame the government or put side against side heated metal arguments, but has us examine instead the show on the ground.

It shows how the military and the media got married and then fucked us all on the honeymoon. "911: The Octopus" is about how the NWO launched its attack on Amerika exactly eleven years to the date of Daddy Bush saying we need one -- September 11, 1990. Those blasted elevens again. If it's one thing I can spot a mile away it's an occultist, and numbers play big in this Game.

They're not talking about the "embedded" reporters, but rather, scripted eyewitnesses interviewed that fateful day. It's one hell of an idea! But look at it for a minute. Just watch. The accents of actors alone give them away! Terrible SAG people breaking eggs for some misguided omelet. It had to have the base footage though. Helicopter footage of the actual blast sans airplanes juxtaposed to bad CGI we got on the footer scroll network will fascinate as well. Well, as it says, these are tentacles wrapping 'round. Sometimes the way out of constriction is just to open your mind.

It's all very ... eye opening... like in a pyramid sort of way.

Friday, September 11

Eight Years and Dancing Still

Well Deek won't have the full version of "911 the Musical" out until Christmas, but he's released this tasty nugget on the national remembrance. No matter how you feel about whether the destruction of the World Trade Center was a deliberate act perpetrated by our own government, the most important thing to consider is this: a single terrorist act would not have divide and conquer as its motive.