Wednesday, July 9

It's Not Happening You Know

Every day I pass them. They say things to me in a you-understood vocabulary. I'm talking about signs. Take, for instance: "Trucks Entering Roadway." Granted, the sign may be accurate for maybe two or three of the hundreds of motorists reading it on any given day.

Many, though, drive right on by it with nary a truck in sight. Is the sign wrong? Are you? Basically, then it's a bold-faced lie in yellow. There AREN'T any trucks entering. Maybe it should read "Perhaps you may see trucks entering, so slow down." Alas - there is no room for all of that.

So, for brevity's sake, we lie and believe the lie -- nine times out of ten for safety's sake. Gee, I wonder how often we do that with other things we read, or worse, hear and see on TV? In the Newspapers? Your co-worker's stories?

It's a mean world, devoid of meaning.

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