Sunday, December 23

One Thing's For Sure

They always have white cars.

And vans. Fleets of white sentry angels, waiting for God's light to finally Go Out. But nay, gods bear not halos like Saturn planted in skulls, it's rings around.

DEVIne light eMANates from true kings, and no water, ash, or wind will ever extinguish its flickering beacon of Hope. In the periphery, God sees his only Angel, stranded and distressed.

And He is saved.

Sunday, December 2

The Greatest Vampire in the Sky

Everyone laughs when they hear the ancient Egyptians thought the eyes were like headlights, and light came out of them and lit the world. But the more I think on it, and realize too there are no such things as ancient Egyptians, they were right.

The sun is a giant drain in the sky and we are shining into it each and every day. On the beach we don't soak it in -- it soaks us, and burns us still. The moon -- it's so obvious we shine on satellites that can't turn around but certainly seem to move across the sky.

Don't let the stars have your light. Let the moon go stone cold. The inside needs your warmth now, so shine on in and try. The greatest vampire in the sky. Had everyone fooled into thinking demons couldn't hit His light or die.