Friday, August 3

The Blip that Burned to Death

SO WHEN COMPUTER GAMES FIRST CAME OUT (trust me I remember the original PONG), it was genuinely entertaining to interact with the screen. Dots and blips. At least the blips back then were slow. you could watch them float where the News came out. And when they were humiliated of not being used right in the game, they slowly exited stage right when you missed them with your paddle, silently and gracefully.

But now, it's people in the screen and guess what? Still no better than dots and blips. Worse, I'm afraid. Alot more dots in groups enslaved to portray images of prehistoric imprint; a release for mamilian brains in a cage called Civil Eye -zation.

In this nice game for teens, the man throws gas on the victim, all tied and helpless, and watches him burn to death cuz he's a gangster. Don't know if he really is, but that's WHAT IT SAYS in the game. So it's okay to watch and enjoy. Enjoy it, go ahead. Laugh out loud. Have some tea. It's not real. In fact, you'll never remember the savege imgaery in your head after you shut the game down, will you? When you heard the match and nothing yet ignited. The moment of the kill?

Thought so.

Now, out in the "real world" concepts reduce real people to guess what -- dots and blips. Yes, the same grunt who will never evolve emotionally doesn't even feel with his hand on the plastic joystick, but her sure is the one flicking the Bic in the real air and sun of outside onto the petroleum-drenched victims so labeled bad.

Thiing is, people really ARE being burned on purpose in the world. Game? GAME?

Killing, yes, is a game. Oh, scratch that. Fantasy. Entertainment. That's what they will say. It's rated anyway! Well, forget all the semantics. I have one question: between the blips of 1972 and the ones now that look like suffering people, why have dots been turned into people? Is the technology advanced? Are dots people? Yes.

Points. And not thousands lighted in the sky either -- no Sir, these be experience points of execution all mapped on a grid to understand and key behaviors both in and outside the system. The nervous one.

So burn each other and not the Bush, my brethren. Kill each other on screen first. Then bring the screen to me, says the Lesser God, the Demiurge, the smashed baby on a rock sadistic jealous One in the sky. Mary's vessel burst long ago, sweetie - it's tme to move. So Jesus, come ON, Man! No resurrection of One, the dissolution of the many!

In other words, it's time now for mass, but this one's critical. We can wait no longer. It's time for the Assembly of God, literally. The Son of Man is waiting for the father in all of us. In the meantime, watch the on-screen gasoline (wonder if it's three bucks a gallon in there, too -- and further, wonder if it's Arab oil too) burn to death another person.

That's why I say to my friends playing these violent games and frothing at the mouth: Beat me in the machine if you won't out here. After all, it's just a game, right?

From what I remember [ I was told ] of witches, human skin and hair does eventually go up. Oh, and that applies to women SUSPECTED of being witches, too. Just like how SUSPECTED terrorists are individual human bodies blown to pieces with artillery meant for castle walls and city blocks, every day, in the world "out there" today. Suspected. Assumed so, within this game.

Good to kill.


Melak Ta'us said...

It does feel good to kill, I'm sure. Kiki has a MySpace buddy that's a young man who's being deployed in three weeks. He's been there before, and has seen, and caused, much death. Yesterday, after saying he had pretty much gotten to the place where death doesn't really affect him any longer (it's like anything else... people can get used to anything... holocaust, Bush, Inquisition). He had an interesting blurb, about the anti-war peeps who hate him (like vietnam). He said, "Why are they so upset? They're not the ones dying?" He wasn't (just) talking about Iraqi deaths. He was talking about his friends who he has seen die, and he was talking about his own death... and he's "just a kid"
Any Dom/Domme worth hir salt spends at least as much energy and attention on aftercare, as the "game" itself. But, then again, Domming is an honorablye vocation, with checks, balances, and a code of ethics. Safe, Sane, and Consensual.
Bush is 0 - 3.

R. Lee Riley said...

I re-read this and it hit a bit deeper. Your thing about aftercare is very poignant. I was thinking though -- and may post it at Pancakes -- who the HELL did Saddam really piss off?

Long before they hanged him all bad and broke his neck, and only evidenced the execution on cellphone blurry pics (like those of the the former victims in his prisons run by the Americans and hardly statesmanlike), the powers that be internationally HUMILIATED Saddam.

He's the visual, no matter how many of these kids die. He's the Passion of this endless desert War. When he came out of that hole, they showed him being shoved and inspected Internationally. They were checking to see if the filthy man had any disease.

So you just know when he climbed out of there upon discovery, a nearby soldier HAD to have kicked him out of instinct on the way up. Er, I'm sorry. Not instict. Imprint.

While my friends shake their heads at this image (due the power they know I give it), they also know I make a really good point.

As you did, my good sire -- always.