Sunday, June 24

Things That Freak You Out

Wait a minute.

I'd say Eureka, but that's been done. Egads is so cartoon. But here it is to be added in from my other post on nothing:

Nothing is coincidence

Tuesday, June 19

Sunday, June 17

He Who Runs at the Mouth

Holy Crap. Literally in some cases. This is really something special to stumble on. It's a Russian guy's indexing of indigenous Amerindian cultrual and religious motifs that's quite famous I guess. He takes their stories of the universe and throws 'em up against our "Old World" motifs for comparison, and it's amazing to follow the parallels.

Clicking the post title goes to the index, clicking the interesting picture takes you to social organization in Brazil to help Indians.

Saturday, June 16

Brainwashing Needs Filthy Minds First

If you've never heard of "Goatsie" then you just have to suffer through this service announcement. This is one of the best Goatse dedication pages out there I have ever seen.

Think about the genius with the filth. What's in a meme? The power to survive. What's more, the power to survive in an information war. To be able to come out known ahead of death, poison, debt, work, prison, violence and murder as a concept passed on. We bear witness here to a true conceptual mutant, a dictionarian Frankenstein based on dirty geeks, and nobody even cares.

This one word (based on word play and internet domain, actually) is everywhere and it has changed everything, because it is really based on a picture representing one disgusting concept. Brilliant. What a beautiful creation at just-the-right-time. BEWARE! As a colleague of mine points out, though, "some things you just can't un-see." If you are brave, try YouTube.