Saturday, April 21


Conscious connection is one thing -- media gets that. But the sleeping, now there's a different story. And lo and behold who gets hold of that? Watch out now, science is dreaming too.

Sunday, April 15

Root: The One Unconcious Mind

We all tap in. Just don't know it. Like the Borg. The more we ignore the calling of unconscious thought, desires, and screams for resolution, the more we will continue to project a multitude of wars upon our immediate and seemingly distant environments in an alarming and ever exponentially increasing rate.

So by the Time (ha ha) the rapidly approaching galactic alignment with the Source happens, this collective Being or shared unconsciousness must absolutely be integrated with your personal experience and emotion before your Whole Being can pass through the Gate, once called Judgment, but hitherto disguised as a date and time -- but nonetheless, the entrance and exit to it All.

Here is an alphabet for deciphering a Language long forgotten but tediously there, endlessly sending Messages we call Saviors, Prophets, and occasionally Angels and Demons both. Read the symbolism YOUR unconscious mind already has buried within it and pulls your puppetstrings every day. Realize for once that your daily drama and interaction with others is a projection of its unresolved need for a conference room.