Wednesday, February 21

Of Spires and Spirals

The names: Rudy Rucker. Terrence McKenna. Time is a spiral? Funny how churches only build spires and not spirals. We'd be much better off. Hey, makes me think of another structure universal in nature, and also one of a spiral. Wonder if it's a coincidence or, as they say, on purpose.

Saturday, February 17

Meant to Last Forever

Freaky Friday

Only twice in our life
is word etched upon the stone
One the Law of high above
the other common law prone
Commandment says don't kill
Gravestone, when died
One put in the books to internet
The other, fading seasons four,
a leaf, some snow a garden floor
Behold the story of you

Thursday, February 15

Seven Planes for Seven Brothers


This one will keep you busy for a while. Opus Pocus!

Eye Reorganized the i Chart

Eye Reorganized the i ChartJust got tired of seeing things all up and down. Why does the 'e' always get to be so big by the way? Because, dear friends, it is the Devil's prong.

Saturday, February 10

Don't Happy. Be Worry.

Don't Happy. Be Worry.
Don't Happy. Be Worry.
originally uploaded by bisquich.
Make it your mantra today. I want to make it a bumper sticker.

A Grey Area

In order
for BLACK and WHITE to exist
there must be this

So good they named it twice
One British, the other one
a color.

Sunday, February 4


Originally uploaded by bisquich.
When can there be hole in the Sky? Atmosphere.