Sunday, December 23

One Thing's For Sure

They always have white cars.

And vans. Fleets of white sentry angels, waiting for God's light to finally Go Out. But nay, gods bear not halos like Saturn planted in skulls, it's rings around.

DEVIne light eMANates from true kings, and no water, ash, or wind will ever extinguish its flickering beacon of Hope. In the periphery, God sees his only Angel, stranded and distressed.

And He is saved.

Sunday, December 2

The Greatest Vampire in the Sky

Everyone laughs when they hear the ancient Egyptians thought the eyes were like headlights, and light came out of them and lit the world. But the more I think on it, and realize too there are no such things as ancient Egyptians, they were right.

The sun is a giant drain in the sky and we are shining into it each and every day. On the beach we don't soak it in -- it soaks us, and burns us still. The moon -- it's so obvious we shine on satellites that can't turn around but certainly seem to move across the sky.

Don't let the stars have your light. Let the moon go stone cold. The inside needs your warmth now, so shine on in and try. The greatest vampire in the sky. Had everyone fooled into thinking demons couldn't hit His light or die.

Sunday, October 7

Gnowns and Un-Gnowns (Rumsfeld's Right)

They've got us all switched around, and the riddle is, as always, RIGHT THERE. How will you ever know if you do not turn out the Truth?

Literally the root of the word "consciousness" is conscius -- Latin for sharing knowledge with,in combination with con- con- + sci- (s. of scīre to know) -- but look a little deeper. 'Con' is quite often 'not,' as in this case could be "not knowing," and if you bear with me in a postmodern gematria this makes a little sense.

Science bases everything on 'knowing' in every sense of its word roots -- scientia or knowledge -- yet in real labcoat-life, it's about observing. Looking at something, compared to that something nowhere else. Well, more like: looking at the conditions on something here, and then basing "findings" on how something acted there differently.

Any way you slice it up our little Science seems to be based more on knowing, when simple consciousness, or awareness, is based on just Being there. Not knowing anything, but observing it and participating in it at the same time. So so you see why I say they've switched it all around and made us demand the false imposter called Science, who can only ever know but with work to get there.

To know Nothing, and experience it All, ah now there's infinity. We are this infinity already, yet we like the denizens of Plato's cave are convinced our eyes, ears, centrifuges and recorded words are an unfolding gateway to it somehow, when they are nothing more than a mocking march beneath the Demon's arch, called but discovery.

Tuesday, September 11

Nine... Eleven...Thirteen?

"They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety."
- Benjamin Franklin, 1759

H.R.3162 :: To deter and punish terrorist acts in the United States and around the world, to enhance law enforcement investigatory tools, and for other purposes ::

Other purposes? Other Purposes! The Uniting and Strengthening America by Providing Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism Act of 2001. That's its full name. Yeah! Can you believe that? We just know the robber of Liberty by its abbreviated splendor: the USA PATRIOT Act. Note the caps. As in the ones to be shot into your ass should you disturb the quiet sheep with dissent.

Today of course everyone is remembering buildings called towers falling in New York City, a DC target more preciously guarded than the White House being sloppily crashed into where joggers can't get over walls, and a hole in Pennsylvania where metal evaporated and Black Boxes became so black they were invisible yet got turned into propagandist movies.

I won't go there today. Enough is enough. The fact that we're at war on an idea and not against a nation is preposterous. A war on terrorism is just that, a war on a thing called something. No country invaded. No country threatened. And yet, we kill thousands of citizens in two real countries to get back at "the enemy" for 9/11. Saudi Arabia. That's where the so-called terrorists were from. And we left that country out of our fight on an idea-bombing plan.

Well we can argue all day long about whether 9/11 was False Flag operation. I'd rather point to the thing next to the thing -- the obvious one -- the legislation. Where are the six year old parties for the day we gave our rights away? Oh wait. We're waving the flags around I see. The only part of the red white and blue that's left is surrender white.

The whole legislation was set up to provide LAW ENFORCEMENT with tools. What tools? Spying ones! Forty-five days. That's all it took our so-called representatives to debate this monstrous bill that ate the Constitution. Why? Six years ago, we are led to believe enemy terrorists invaded this country, and instead of bombing innocent civilians like we do over there, they drove our domestic planes full of people into buildings. People AS bombs. Nice.

In WWII it was the crazy Japanese suicide bombers. Suicide is desperation. Why would our enemies be so desperate, do you think? Is it because they feel they have no other recourse other than to use our own tools against us? No brutal army on the ground or in the air to rain (reign) down death? what can you do when nobody will listen to you and believe lies? You get extreme.

Gee, it seems we really bring out the martyr in a people, don't we?

So sure, I remember 9/11. How can I forget such an event, especially when operation-namer idiot government poets pick our national emergency number for a day that will live in infamy. Even if terrorists are extreme, they do have some taste. They call 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue the "Black House." But I just know if they were up to something this big, they wouldn't name their operation something stupid; they would never put 9-1-1 and 9/11 together in a marketing presentation flip-chart.

No, that has US written all over it I'm afraid.

Monday, August 20

Pyramids as Cooling Rods and Lizards

Well not cooling rods, but something to do with transferring celestial energies and low frequency conversions through geometric monstrosities here on Earth. Take a look at this. Hollow ball and outside-in, boy how these guys can really fly a craft (tinfoil wreckages aside). Actually, I love the little Geiko lizard but it's no coincidence it's a reptilian ode, especially when they use him as a spokesman and cavemen are so simple yet they can still "get it." After all, They Live. We sleep.

Tuesday, August 14

Dumbfounded in Differentiation

God I love anything with a '7' in it. Well, okay, basically I'm flabbergasted. I do despise the term CT (conspiracy theory) because it is an intellectual fear tactic propagated from stronger sheep meant to silence the dissident thinking of the black ones. Fuck shepherds. Hee hee that's actually a good joke in itself, but I do digress. Baaah.

First, watch this movie. Take a moment (well okay almost 2 hours) to watch a highly interesting, really provoking film tying all lies you've ever been exposed to together into one nice PINK package that just makes sense. Your programming will immediately reject it -- so hit pause alot and let it soak in. The music's cool. Brilliantly edited. Use the link below to watch:

Now there are nay-sayers too, but all they do is make fun and throw mud as usual. They demand facts but offer none of their own on the right topics, and label it all with the traditional KOOK and CT. So you just KNOW it's good. It makes people MAD and if you miss the obvious joke in that with clips from the seventies movie "Network" (which NOBODY has commented on artistically so far, I might add) then you've missed the boat too.

A documentary disguised? Not convinced it's all a fake? That Jesus and religion are nothing more than the same prison wardens as government and the "powerful" elite? Brave on, cells. You'll need it in the more unioned world - EU EU A. Most astounding? Papa Bush speaking Hitler's words introducing the Gestapo. And even is you can show me that's a lie, I don't care, he used the word "homeland" and that's all I need. Okay, religion based on astrology's pretty cool too. We all know our stars today are not in the sky but are in Hollywood, but once upon a time the number 12 and the movement of celestial bodies figured into public myth pretty heavily.

Seeriously, I am not one to simply absorb either. The reason I like this stuff is because all the folks so passionately arguing that the kooks should not be able to put this out there watch TV and read magazines, drink corporate coffee and admire "news"papers themselves. Oh, and cite Wikipedia until they bleed. Facts! The thing is, no matter what side of the 9/11 event you're on, they've won by their own accord. Divide and conquer, right before our tired eyes.

Angry Americans are fighting over whether or not it was an inside job. A simple question of maybe it wasn't what we've been told, but the spitting vehemence that comes back from the physics fact-finder crowd astounds me. Why so mad, test tubes? They say "ignorance" should not be tolerated and people should shut up who don't have facts. I say, why argue facts? Why argue at all?

Sure, one genocide was specially named and museums have been set up all over the world to charge admission and relive its horrors daily. Sure we landed on the moon. Sure Kennedy was shot by a patsy. Sure barely 20 "terrorists" went to a Florida flight school and learned to fly tiny fixed wing planes, sat in jumbo jet simulators and then schemed that Home Depot boxcutters would be great way to overpower crowds on commercial airliners.

Apparently, retractable blades are all the rage. Especially Ockham's Razor.

Friday, August 3

The Blip that Burned to Death

SO WHEN COMPUTER GAMES FIRST CAME OUT (trust me I remember the original PONG), it was genuinely entertaining to interact with the screen. Dots and blips. At least the blips back then were slow. you could watch them float where the News came out. And when they were humiliated of not being used right in the game, they slowly exited stage right when you missed them with your paddle, silently and gracefully.

But now, it's people in the screen and guess what? Still no better than dots and blips. Worse, I'm afraid. Alot more dots in groups enslaved to portray images of prehistoric imprint; a release for mamilian brains in a cage called Civil Eye -zation.

In this nice game for teens, the man throws gas on the victim, all tied and helpless, and watches him burn to death cuz he's a gangster. Don't know if he really is, but that's WHAT IT SAYS in the game. So it's okay to watch and enjoy. Enjoy it, go ahead. Laugh out loud. Have some tea. It's not real. In fact, you'll never remember the savege imgaery in your head after you shut the game down, will you? When you heard the match and nothing yet ignited. The moment of the kill?

Thought so.

Now, out in the "real world" concepts reduce real people to guess what -- dots and blips. Yes, the same grunt who will never evolve emotionally doesn't even feel with his hand on the plastic joystick, but her sure is the one flicking the Bic in the real air and sun of outside onto the petroleum-drenched victims so labeled bad.

Thiing is, people really ARE being burned on purpose in the world. Game? GAME?

Killing, yes, is a game. Oh, scratch that. Fantasy. Entertainment. That's what they will say. It's rated anyway! Well, forget all the semantics. I have one question: between the blips of 1972 and the ones now that look like suffering people, why have dots been turned into people? Is the technology advanced? Are dots people? Yes.

Points. And not thousands lighted in the sky either -- no Sir, these be experience points of execution all mapped on a grid to understand and key behaviors both in and outside the system. The nervous one.

So burn each other and not the Bush, my brethren. Kill each other on screen first. Then bring the screen to me, says the Lesser God, the Demiurge, the smashed baby on a rock sadistic jealous One in the sky. Mary's vessel burst long ago, sweetie - it's tme to move. So Jesus, come ON, Man! No resurrection of One, the dissolution of the many!

In other words, it's time now for mass, but this one's critical. We can wait no longer. It's time for the Assembly of God, literally. The Son of Man is waiting for the father in all of us. In the meantime, watch the on-screen gasoline (wonder if it's three bucks a gallon in there, too -- and further, wonder if it's Arab oil too) burn to death another person.

That's why I say to my friends playing these violent games and frothing at the mouth: Beat me in the machine if you won't out here. After all, it's just a game, right?

From what I remember [ I was told ] of witches, human skin and hair does eventually go up. Oh, and that applies to women SUSPECTED of being witches, too. Just like how SUSPECTED terrorists are individual human bodies blown to pieces with artillery meant for castle walls and city blocks, every day, in the world "out there" today. Suspected. Assumed so, within this game.

Good to kill.

Sunday, July 15

The Other White House

There's no such thing as land. I want to tell you about the first time I even thought of what that would look like. Because taking in the whole experience, it was more like a revelation. In a City of Lights, in retrospect, I was really one that Went On the night I went there for the first time.

This happened when I lived out in Los Angeles, and it was enacted into small-r reality at the top of the Summit they call Griffith Observatory. It's truly amazing, that place. Once you visit it you can't resist seeing it up there in the Hills when you're around down below doing errands anything East of Fairfax. Strange how you never saw it before, you think to yourself. It's so right-there, sticking right out. Huh.

The summit where the Observatory peeks out of the pines and overlooks downtown Los Angeles and absolutely everything else between -- sometimes even out to Long Beach and that's water. I'd say the building itself looks a little like church, not science. Because it's a telescope hut, it's really kinda mosque in a way -- a little lighthouse of mason white amid the slightly green and mostly tan desert tundra hills. Perched up there, right along side the Giant Letters, those that say where the stars TRULY are. Here's this mighty mountain museum really looking like nothing more than a white canary perched on a coalminer town's cave walls.

Every once in a while a penis to the sky called a telescope emerges, searching for the stars. Absolute morons we are not to see this almost mechanical irony. A Rosemary's baby feeling when you walk around. Things happen there, and it's been in movie after movie. As you walk around its balconies you gaze out into the gaping vastness of endless Christmas treelight lives all twinkling in rows and columns and making nothing more than a really big, soft, fluffy sound.

Not loud at all. Forgotten, really.

So ever since my first visit I became part of a moving (literally thing thing went around) museum piece, one that really made me stop once and for all on something. It was a giant bronze-looking globe which you could walk all around and pick out continents and their shelves and mountain ranges never even seen and stuff - but not one word printed on its surface.

The display rested on a simple idea: to show us Nature's Skull. Peeling away a biospheric skin to show the ugly bones. Stripping clouds and sea off what we call Earth to expose a certain truth. Grass and Trees the makeup of It All - eveything's just land underneath. So, three-quarters of a something I was told was actually more like clothing and not the thing itself.

So there is the SHELL a.k.a the rock layer. LITHOSphere. To water, everything is a VESSEL. It's one thing: it's all just land. And even Science dare break the great taboos of naming still the regions of Gaia's skull, tectonic plates floating on molten core. Even the oceans are land, in the technical sense of it of course. Just buried under lots and lots of waterskin. But seriously, 75% water they say?

Us too I know. Our bodies, that is. That's for Another Time though.

Sunday, July 8

Medium is the Message (Jesus is as Jesus Does)

[ the above photo depicts the rise of gas ]

Okay weekend fans I just know you've been waiting and I got a doozie. Cross separating the thing from its message with religion itself, not simply media. Jesus and the Bible versus Marshall Mcluhan. So Gutenberg, the words have won. Even in this digital, miserable world. And Still, My Sandals On.

Sunday, June 24

Things That Freak You Out

Wait a minute.

I'd say Eureka, but that's been done. Egads is so cartoon. But here it is to be added in from my other post on nothing:

Nothing is coincidence

Tuesday, June 19

Sunday, June 17

He Who Runs at the Mouth

Holy Crap. Literally in some cases. This is really something special to stumble on. It's a Russian guy's indexing of indigenous Amerindian cultrual and religious motifs that's quite famous I guess. He takes their stories of the universe and throws 'em up against our "Old World" motifs for comparison, and it's amazing to follow the parallels.

Clicking the post title goes to the index, clicking the interesting picture takes you to social organization in Brazil to help Indians.

Saturday, June 16

Brainwashing Needs Filthy Minds First

If you've never heard of "Goatsie" then you just have to suffer through this service announcement. This is one of the best Goatse dedication pages out there I have ever seen.

Think about the genius with the filth. What's in a meme? The power to survive. What's more, the power to survive in an information war. To be able to come out known ahead of death, poison, debt, work, prison, violence and murder as a concept passed on. We bear witness here to a true conceptual mutant, a dictionarian Frankenstein based on dirty geeks, and nobody even cares.

This one word (based on word play and internet domain, actually) is everywhere and it has changed everything, because it is really based on a picture representing one disgusting concept. Brilliant. What a beautiful creation at just-the-right-time. BEWARE! As a colleague of mine points out, though, "some things you just can't un-see." If you are brave, try YouTube.

Thursday, May 24

Generally, Specifically You

The book it has been written
and not the one of Stone
the one of stories so forgotten
that you believe you are all alone

A tiny reflection of His whole
the mirrored pieces to be held
by darker sources and a sorcery bowl
in trickery to not the Magician meld

* * *

Well good luck world
I'm pretty close now
almost figured out
such randomness and linking
bring me to thinking
that this is how the message goes:

Gold coins stolen from the father
taken for drunken bills of innocence and malt
by the same parasite so closely clinging
to obsessions of my world and hearts at fault

how he loved my trembling hands
and shopping mall stupidity later on.
and her, taking in all my tears
and her, moving me those years
especially on such blustery and stormy afternoons.

I will not be distracted by any other book.
This life, the book, the one to really read
a Gilded One held against her Will
in marble mansions by the warfare sea
on an island so Island aptly found.

Wealth and power bloodline strong
though kept in captivity
no cults can make new books pay
no messengers thereof pry the words once more
for it begins to be over soon
figuring all these years
not out -- figuring it in
and as Frosty says in a funny wood,
that has made all the difference.

I know who you are
I know who keeps me still.
And like a waking Giant saying to the elves,
those ropes had better hold me fast.

Saturday, April 21


Conscious connection is one thing -- media gets that. But the sleeping, now there's a different story. And lo and behold who gets hold of that? Watch out now, science is dreaming too.

Sunday, April 15

Root: The One Unconcious Mind

We all tap in. Just don't know it. Like the Borg. The more we ignore the calling of unconscious thought, desires, and screams for resolution, the more we will continue to project a multitude of wars upon our immediate and seemingly distant environments in an alarming and ever exponentially increasing rate.

So by the Time (ha ha) the rapidly approaching galactic alignment with the Source happens, this collective Being or shared unconsciousness must absolutely be integrated with your personal experience and emotion before your Whole Being can pass through the Gate, once called Judgment, but hitherto disguised as a date and time -- but nonetheless, the entrance and exit to it All.

Here is an alphabet for deciphering a Language long forgotten but tediously there, endlessly sending Messages we call Saviors, Prophets, and occasionally Angels and Demons both. Read the symbolism YOUR unconscious mind already has buried within it and pulls your puppetstrings every day. Realize for once that your daily drama and interaction with others is a projection of its unresolved need for a conference room.

Monday, March 19

Rising and in Radios

I am so very tired of three states of being in one place. Being, Becoming and Now This. One state always, sweet Mercury, upon this plane at least.

Sunday, March 11

Not Witchcraft. Something Better.

All those poor matchstick girls in Salem, and it turns out water's the thing in the Robes. Priests and kings. Poof!

Wednesday, February 21

Of Spires and Spirals

The names: Rudy Rucker. Terrence McKenna. Time is a spiral? Funny how churches only build spires and not spirals. We'd be much better off. Hey, makes me think of another structure universal in nature, and also one of a spiral. Wonder if it's a coincidence or, as they say, on purpose.

Saturday, February 17

Meant to Last Forever

Freaky Friday

Only twice in our life
is word etched upon the stone
One the Law of high above
the other common law prone
Commandment says don't kill
Gravestone, when died
One put in the books to internet
The other, fading seasons four,
a leaf, some snow a garden floor
Behold the story of you

Thursday, February 15

Seven Planes for Seven Brothers


This one will keep you busy for a while. Opus Pocus!

Eye Reorganized the i Chart

Eye Reorganized the i ChartJust got tired of seeing things all up and down. Why does the 'e' always get to be so big by the way? Because, dear friends, it is the Devil's prong.

Saturday, February 10

Don't Happy. Be Worry.

Don't Happy. Be Worry.
Don't Happy. Be Worry.
originally uploaded by bisquich.
Make it your mantra today. I want to make it a bumper sticker.

A Grey Area

In order
for BLACK and WHITE to exist
there must be this

So good they named it twice
One British, the other one
a color.

Sunday, February 4


Originally uploaded by bisquich.
When can there be hole in the Sky? Atmosphere.